A geolocation emulator

Last Seen

A packet sniffer installed at the Whitney as a part of Laura Poitras' show AstroNoise

Network Geography

A curriculam for understanding how the physical infrastructure that makes up the internet works.

Machine Bias

A series of stories on disparate impact and discrimination caused by algorithms.

Unfit Bits

Free your fitness from yourself. A project that rethinks the role fitness trackers play in the current data driven health insurance landscape.

SDR 101

A repository for anyone looking to get started on Software Defined Radios

Big Data Pawn Shop

Leaked NSA documents on a variety of merchandise


Pro-Bono I is a powered speaker that turns any input into a U2 song.

From The Dark

Understanding the social nature of the Wi-Fi Protocol.


An interactive documentary about the creative coding community


The PowerClip is a device that gives first responders immediate access to power in the wake of an emergency.

Arduino Yun Card Reader

Arduino Yun RFID Card reader

Wireshark 101

A simple packet sniffing and injection tutorial


How to make bubbles interactive