Investing In Futures

A deck of cards, world-building workshops, and artworks designed to help you imagine alternative global futures.


Who We Are

Don’t let dictate your relationship to the supply chain!

More&More Unlimited is a Limited Liability Collective (LLC) that is here to help you navigate a world without bounds. We bring to the global supply chain. Our goal is to in the global distributed capitalist network.

More&More has, through years of experience living in fictions about the world

For like it or not, you live inside a that prefers you to think of yourself as the consumer, the end of the line. The happy ending – when your and gets popped in the trunk of your , or the arrives at your door.

More&More Unlimited (an Illogistics Company™) is a collective founded by members Marina Zurkow , Sarah Rothberg, and Surya Mattu. We are interested in global systems.

Some of our past projects include: a pop-up store of fungus/plaster/3D-printed sculptures of globally traded commodities, a line of swimsuits called Tiny Containers(which visualize global trade relationships), postcards portraying nations as their commodities, workshops about global futures, and a radio which picks up info about boats passing by in the New York Harbor.

The More&More Store

Mementos from the trade hyperobject

Tiny Container Swimsuits Relabeling Service Export Postcards

More&More UnLimited

You are value, productivity, and just-in-time.


Platinum: Flowgistics™ Commodities are independent of you and do what they want are not human- dependent! We can help you think of yourself as a vector not a consumer by providing you with the logistics necessary to keep commodities flowing.

Copper: Illogistics™ We bring you to the stuff To get you stuff faster By bringing consumers to the factories to pick up components and putting them together themselves.

Aluminum: TinyFlow™ Your house as a supply chain. We can help you optimize you home to build efficient supply networks around centers of demand.

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